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Innovation Awards – 1st edition



Urban Climate Finance Innovation Awards 2023

The Innovation Awards identify, connect and promote innovative financial models which support the prerequisite to ecological transition of cities and regions; sustainable urban infrastructure and public services. 

The 2023 Urban Climate Finance Awards appraise categories of players rather than specific sectors. 

The finalists are institutions that have developed innovative financial models. 



6 innovations will be awarded

Five according to the category of actor of the urban financing chain :

Government ministries and agencies

Local and regional authorities

Public Development Banks

International organizations, civil society and academics

Investors and private companies

And a « Special Jury Prize », for the most inspiring innovation in terms of climate adaptation.


Important dates

5 June - 18 Aug 2023

Call for submissions

Support from the Secretariat

5 June - 9 June 2023

Launch of the Innovation Awards during the second session of the United Nations Habitat Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya

Mid-June 2023

Webinar to present the Innovation Awards, introduce the panel of jury and have a strategic discussion on why innovative finance models matter.

18 Aug - 01 Sept 2023

Analysis of the Innovations

Shortlist by the Innovation Awards Technical Committee

01 Sept - 14 Sept 2023

Final Deliberation by the Jury

17 Sept 2023

Announcement of the Finalists at the 2023 SDGs Summit

17 Sept - 02 Nov 2023

Final Round between Finalists

Pitching of the Solutions

30 Nov - 12 Dec 2023

Innovation Awards Ceremony at COP28

12 Dec - Summer 2023

Promotion of the Winners, notably during the World Urban Forum (February 2024)

End of submission









What inspires us ?

We are interested in receiving submissions on five different categories of actors, intervening at all/any level of the financing value chain :

Be equipped

The innovation demonstrates a robust and innovative urban climate financing model, reactive to a constantly evolving ecosystem.

Be impactful

The innovation is a barrier-lifting initiative that has made meaningful impact and context-specific partnerships to make sure urban stakeholders access financing for adaptation projects.

Be committed

The innovation attests a strong commitment to global agendas and local, national and international sustainable development strategies, driving positive transformative change.

Be unique

Your innovation moves away from business as usual, finding solutions to existing challenges and exploring the new opportunities of climate-responsive development models.


Your benefits


Good Visibility

At the COP28 and WUF12, this is your chance to be at the center stage with 5 other award winners to boost the options, engineering and channels for localizing urban climate finance and serving local agendas that address the effects of climate change. This is the time to share your ideas and to be identified as the thought-leader you are.


Platform to connect

Based on the other experiences collected and on the enhanced attention you will receive from the global visibility campaign, the Award will support you in having focused interactions with relevant partners. The aim is to enable your model to make the next meaningful steps towards solving financing blockages and investment gaps for sustainable and just cities and regions.


Knowledge transfer

Stay on the radar of future practitioners. The team will also support you with knowledge management tools to make sure your innovation and lessons learned from implementation can be replicated or upscaled in new territories. You will be included in several publications, learning platforms and other spaces for dissemination.


Pioneered by FMDV – Fonds mondial pour le développement des villes

Agence de la transition écologique (ADEME)

Ministère de la Transition écologique et de la Cohésion des territoires

CGLU – Cités et Gouvernements Locaux Unis (UCLG- CGLU)

European Commission

Jury Panel

Philippe MASSET



French MTECT

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Technical Comitee

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Siège du FMDV
47 Avenue Pasteur
93100 Montreuil

+33 1 80 89 52 26 / 29


How to share your innovation ?

Step 1

Download the guide to go over the various elements expected from a complete application.

Step 2

Gather all the information required for the submission.

Step 3

Fill in the form, either online (with link) or offline (with link), and submit your application.

Step 4

Receive a confirmation email and wait for the results!

First tip

Keep your submission focused and concise – avoid buzzwords– the focus of the award is on financing models that have demonstrated measurable impact.


Any doubt ?

You can go through the Q&A section below in order to enlighten your doubts. If you still have questions, you can contact the Innovation Awards Secretariat.


All you need to know

Where and when will this 1st Edition of the Finance Your Cities Innovation Awards take place?

The 1st Edition of the Finance Your Cities Innovation Awards will be taking place in early December during an in-person ceremony at COP28, which will be hosted by the French Pavilion. The Ceremony will be broadcasted to inspire a global audience via Zoom.

What is the submission deadline for the 1st Edition of the Finance Your Cities Innovation Awards?

Applications can be submitted until the 18th of August, 2023, at 23:59 EST. 

Is it possible to request an extension if I cannot meet the submission deadline?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate extension requests for submissions beyond the specified deadline. To ensure your application or nomination is considered, we highly advise initiating the process early.

Is it possible to make edits to my application after it has been submitted?

Once applicants submit their applications or nominations, they are unable to make any further edits or modifications. It is important to review and finalize all information before the submission to ensure accuracy and completeness.

My application is no longer visible. Where is it?

Applications which have been submitted will no longer be visible to applicants, but you will receive an email confirming that your application has successfully been submitted. As the confirmation email may go to your spam folder, please check all your folders.

Are applications open to all sectors?

All sectors are encouraged to apply, but applicant organizations must answer the eligibility criteria.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Applicant organizations must belong to one of the 5 categories, and all submissions must be either at the final stage of implementation or implemented in the last three years with evidence-based reporting material.

Is it possible to submit applications in several categories?

Submissions are exclusively applied to one category.

How will the submissions be assessed?

Firstly, the entries will be reviewed by the Technical Committee, including a round of feedback with the focal points of the submitted projects when necessary. Following this shortlisting, the deliberation will be made by the Jury.

Where and when will the finalists be announced?

The announcement of the finalists will take place at the SDGs Summit 2023, on the 17th of September.

What will occur if my application is selected?

The final nominees will be called back following the announcement so as to prepare an online pitching session with the jury panel members that will occur mid-November, 2023.

How can I be awarded with the Grand Prix?

All submissions dedicated to the specific issue of adaptation will be considered for the Grand Prix. The recipient of the Grand Prix will not receive an award for the category it had originally entered. It is not possible to apply specifically for the Grand Prix.

Is it possible to submit an application in a language other than English, Spanish or French?

Yes. You can write your application in a different language, however be aware that we may use translation softwares which may undermine the quality of the information.

Is it possible to submit an offline application if my internet bandwidth is weak?

Yes. You can submit an offline application by downloading the offline version, completing all sections and sending everything by email to the Secretariat of the Finance Your Cities Innovation Awards, namely FMDV. In the case of a postal application, kindly be aware that only applications postmarked on or prior to the application deadline will be taken into consideration, and it is the responsibility of the applicant to cover any postal fees associated with the submission.