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FMDV, the Global Fund For Cities Development, is a global network of local and regional governments with the mission to develop and promote investment and financing solutions to enhance urban development.




  • FMDV – Global Fund for Cities Development is the reference global network of local and regional Governments working on bespoke solutions for urban development and transition financing. It also serves as Secretariat of action-oriented Alliances and Coalitions.
  • FMDV supports all players in the financing value chain, especially Ministries, Public Development Banks and Local and Regional Governments to diversify their resources, boost the urban financing market, and connect them with the right partners.
  • To that end, FMDV acts as a matchmaker between public institutions seeking financing for urban infrastructure investment and potential public and private investors. As of 2022, FMDV has worked with over 1,500 local governments from 100 countries, 150 Public Development Banks, 250 companies and investors, and has contributed to mobilize more than US$1,3 billion for urban development.
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FMDV – A global alliance and a hub of expertise for regional and local governments

A Board of Directors co-chaired by the City of Paris (France) and the District of Abidjan (Ivory Coast), composed of 15 members representing local and regional governments from 5 continents

A team of 15 permanent staff headquartered in Paris with regional Desks in Uganda, Brazil, and Indonesia, supported by a pool of 30 advisors spanning over 5 continents working across the entire financial spectrum, from investment planning to financial engineering and structuring.

Multi-level intervention, to develop transformative solutions for subnational finance

Transformative financing solutions and instruments (e.g. International Municipal Investment Fund = EUR 500M in equity with UNCDF, UCLG & Meridiam)

Programs in cooperation with regional institutions (e.g. WAEMU in Africa, ASEAN Secretariat in Asia, CAF in LatAM)

National or subnational strategies, instruments & programs to enable local development financing (e.g. Morocco, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Togo, Uganda)

Tailor-made capacity building, technical assistance, financial engineering and networking with potential investors (e.g. coaching & living lab)

FMDV Activities

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International Advocacy for Action
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Production & sharing of practitioner-baser knowledge
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Market Facilitation & Ecosystem Building
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Demand-driven technical assistance and strategic advisory
  • Climate Action Agenda: Inclusion of the proposals of FMDV on the financing of cities (e.g. New Urban Agenda, UNFCCC Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action)
  • National Dialogues platforms: Advocacy sessions to promote the integration of local government financing in national policies and funding mechanisms (e.g. Uganda, South Africa, Morocco, upcoming in Indonesia with Metropolis and UCLG-ASPAC members).
  • Localization of the SDGs: Development of a strategy on financing the implementation of the SDGs at the local level with UCLG, accompanied by the creation of a Practical Guide.
  • Online Platforms: Local Finance Knowledge Hub (with UCLG & AFD); Climate KIC’s Low Carbon City Lab, Europe’s first dedicated platform to develop innovative finance solutions for green urban projects; URAIA Network (with UN-Habitat)
  • Community of Practice on Local Finance: training modules on Municipal Finance with the AFD Campus ( > 1,500 active French-speaking participants, extension to South America this year);
  • Publications: studies on state-of-the-art instruments and innovative financing (e.g. participatory finance), or sector-specific financial models (e.g. public lighting)
  • Global and regional alliances: initiation of the Finance in Common Summit (FICS) Coalition for Resilient Cities to advance support for municipal finance among PDBs
  • Policy Dialogues & Action Labs: high-level exchange sessions with global stakeholders (e.g. Green Climate Fund) to create joint action programmes and implement urban finance strategies
  • Regional or city-level Investment Forums: organisation of matchmaking and pitching sessions to potential financiers and business communities
  • Tailor-made coaching programmes and financial engineering for municipal governments (e.g. development of a territorial carbon aggregator / cooperative in Paris and La Rochelle)
  • Support to sector-specific investment planning and deployment of pilot projects through living labs (e.g. smart water solutions in Kampala, Uganda; recycled plastic buildings in Iraq)

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🚀 FMDV in Asia: Exciting update from last week's Smart Green City Finance Masterclass Series! Insights from the Deep Dive 1 Masterclass on Screening and Prioritizing High-Impact Projects, this masterclass session featured representatives from 10 #SGAC Cities in 6 ASEAN Countries

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